Blender – Anonymous BTC Tumbler (Review 2024)

Updated on 11 February 2024 Review

Keeping cryptocurrency transactions anonymous is not that easy. Very often you have to sacrifice the reliability of transfers and pay “predatory” fees. However, some services combine efficiency and simplicity. One of these services is the bitcoin blender. Btc Insights team has found out how it works. – complete review & guide

Blender is currently one of the most popular and proven bitcoin transaction mixing services. The company has been working in the field of anonymity protection since 2017. Several years of work and improvement allowed the team to create an advanced and user-friendly service.

For security reasons, the crypto-enthusiasts who founded the platform do not disclose their names and locations, but you can always contact them via email or in the Dread forum.

The site is presented in English, Chinese, Romanian, Korean, and Japanese. Its interface is very concise and intelligently designed. Even though “anonymizing transactions” sounds very complicated, you don’t need to have a deep knowledge of programming and blockchain to use the platform. Basic English or the ability to use a browser translator will suffice.

Key features of crypto blender

The Bitcoin blender service has the same operating principle as any other anonymous bitcoin mixer, but there are a few distinctive features:

  • Transactions are made instantly, without having to wait for the right number of transactions to form a pool. All this is possible thanks to a large pool of coins already cleared before.
  • The service has two URLs. One usual, and the second – with the pseudo-top-level domain onion, which is intended for use in the Tor and Darknet networks.
  • The service has a No Log policy. That is, none of your actions are recorded and stored on the company’s servers. All data is erased immediately after you complete the operation.
  • The service supports SegWit and betch32 addresses.
  • Transaction time delays are controlled by users.
  • Mixer fees are dynamic and chosen by users at their discretion.
  • Blender has a “Mixing Code” feature that guarantees anonymity to regular users of the platform.

How does Btc blender work?

Essentially, for users, bitcoin anonymization with the service boils down to a deposit and withdrawal transaction. Customers send their “dirty” coins to the service, and in return receive a transaction of “clean” bitcoins from the reserve, minus fees.

To clean bitcoins, Bitcoin tumbler first shreds all incoming transactions into many small pieces, and then perform multiple transfers through the reserve chain. Multiple transactions with small pieces confuse the trail and make it almost impossible to trace a coin’s origin story through the blockchain registry.

Why you should use a Bitcoin mixer?

Everyone who is at least indirectly familiar with the principle of blockchain technology is aware that all committed transactions are recorded in a special registry. Anyone can view the blockchain registry by downloading a full node on a PC.

Accordingly, bitcoin’s anonymity is also a very relative concept. Bitcoin users are anonymous until they at least once link a coin or wallet to their real name. This can happen under a variety of circumstances. For example, when paying for goods, cashing out, or withdrawing coins.

Bitcoin mixers are designed specifically to allow users to remain anonymous even under these circumstances. This, in turn, also increases the security of using bitcoin. First, you can be sure that attackers will not be able to track you down, and second, it will protect you from the controlling government agencies. After all, even if you are not doing anything criminal, you cannot be sure that the coins you have in your account are honestly mined.

Security and anonymity

The Bitcoin blender service has taken a professional approach to the privacy of its users. The servers of the company do not store any information about the users and the transactions performed by them. Only temporary storage of information is permitted, which is necessary to comply with the terms of the transaction. Immediately after that, all the history of interactions with the service is deleted.

To ensure a high degree of anonymity, the service allows you to add up to 10 additional output addresses. With this feature, you get coins cleared by multiple small transactions to each of the specified wallets, instead of a whole amount to one wallet. This takes anonymization to a new level.

For security purposes, we recommend using the service in conjunction with a TOR browser or VPN service to hide your IP address. It is also recommended to make transactions from clean wallets.

How to “clear” bitcoins through Bitcoin blender

Using the service is as simple as possible. All you need is to go to the official website, “put” your coins into the mixer, and specify the address of the wallet to which you want to get clean coins. All you need to do that you will find the main page of the service:

  • Receiver’s bitcoin address – the field where you need to specify the wallet to which you will send clean coins.
  • If you want to add multiple addresses, then click on Add Address.
  • Delay – drop-down menu where you can set the desired delay.
  • Service fee – drop-down menu where you need to specify the amount of commission.
  • Then you will see a special field Mixing Code. If you use the service for the first time, you can leave it blank.
  • Clicking on Mix Coins, you confirm the correctness of the entered data and proceed to the next step.

In a new window, the service will give you a deposit address to which you need to transfer the coins to be cleared. It is valid for 24 hours. As a confirmation of payment, you will receive a guarantee letter to monitor the terms of the service.

After all the manipulations are done, the clean coins will be sent to your bitcoin address specified in the application, minus the commission and the set delay. You do not need to keep your browser window open. The entire mixing process is done automatically.

Minimum deposit

You can use the service starting from 0.001 BTC. Please note that, unlike other bitcoin mixers, Blender is ready to refund you if you accidentally send a lower amount. To do this, you need to send a request to support and attach a letter of guarantee to it.

The maximum amount is limited solely by the service’s current reserve. You will be informed about it at the moment of forming the transaction. If you use a mixing code, the coins you exchanged earlier will be deducted from the sum of the reserve, if necessary.

Delay time for crypto mixing

Delayed withdrawal will help to break the connection between new and old coins even more, and, accordingly, increase anonymity. The functionality of the service allows you to set the delay time yourself. You can choose an instant withdrawal or postpone it for a while from 1 to 24 hours if you wish.

Mixing code

Bitcoin Blender uses a mixing code to improve the quality of the mix. This is a special code that you get after you first use the service. It should be saved and entered in the appropriate field in the application when you use it again.

Specifying this code ensures that the next time you use the service, you will not receive back the coins you sent earlier. Your next withdrawal transaction will only contain new clear coins from unrelated sources.

Service fees

Blender is one of the few mixing services that allow users to set commissions at their preference. True, only in the range of 0.5% to 1%. Additionally, you will also have to pay 0.0003 BTC for each address specified for withdrawal. This fee is necessary for a fast transaction over the bitcoin network.

Keep in mind that the higher the fee paid, the better the quality of anonymization. The reason for this is that bitcoin mixers send transactions to generous users that consist of coins from reputable sources. At the same time, having paid a minimal fee, you can only count on coins from the common pool.

Advantages of using crypto shuffler

  • Instant Mixing. If the user wishes, the mixing process can be done instantly. This is possible due to the huge reserve of the service.
  • Dynamic commission. How much to pay for the service, users choose for themselves? The minimal fee is very low – less than one percent.
  • Additional addresses. The service allows you to add up to 10 withdrawal wallets, and this is the maximum figure among bitcoin mixers. It is important to understand that the more withdrawal addresses you add, the better will be the quality of anonymization.
  • Mixing code. By using a mixing code you can be 100% sure that you will not get a part of your coins back in a new transaction.
  • Security. The service does not store any personal information about its customers. All data is deleted immediately after the conditions of the transaction are fulfilled. This policy allows you to be sure that personal information will not be transferred or stolen by intruders.


Contrary to popular belief, bitcoin has never had full-fledged anonymity. The various analytics and know-your-customer programs used on resources can easily compromise your privacy. There are several ways to combat this and the simplest is using bitcoin shuffle services such as Bitcoin blender.

From all of the above, we can conclude that Blender service is a reliable crypto mixer capable of providing a high level of privacy, as well as allowing users to adjust the level of anonymization themselves by selecting fees and adding additional output addresses.