Fraudsters in Russia have created a new “cryptocurrencies as a gift” scheme

During the holidays, the scammers began to actively use the scheme with “cryptocurrencies as a gift”.

Cybercriminals create phishing mailings and fake websites with calls that the cryptocurrency will become an original gift and a good investment. However, if the victim transfers money to such resources, it will not be possible to withdraw them back.

The second, more familiar option is a proposal to double the amount of cryptocurrency sent to the wallet specified by the fraudster. As a rule, such posts appear on Twitter and Facebook allegedly on behalf of famous people.

VTB, Rosbank and Post Bank reported on awareness of the scheme with “cryptocurrency as a gift”. In the last two, the popularity of this type of deception was associated with an active discussion of this topic in the public field.

Experts warned that in addition to the loss of funds, there is a risk of subsequent resale of citizens’ data for their use in other fraudulent schemes. They recommended not to follow links to unfamiliar resources and advertisements promising high financial benefits.