What is the danger of money?

If we treat the issue with humor, then money is dangerous because it tends to end when we really need it. And in this case, we have to look for finances in different ways, which does not reflect very well on our health. And since we mentioned health, then this is just the topic of the article.

It turns out that a certain part of diseases (several dozen names) begins in a person due to too frequent contact with money. And not only paper, but also metal.

Western doctors have estimated that there are about 26 thousand bacteria on a paper dollar!

Presumably, the same or almost the same situation with paper money of all countries. We are not talking at all about dilapidated banknotes, but about those that were put into circulation about a year ago.

On the same dilapidated money – in general, a hotbed of pathogens of various diseases (up to 40 thousand bacteria!).

In part, it can be assumed that the conclusions of doctors about the danger to health are related to the desire of structures that issue plastic bank cards to increase their profits. They say that non-cash payments are not only modern, but also safe for health. Although you can argue with the latter when stress begins due to the fact that someone has withdrawn money from your card without your knowledge. However, we must also admit that cash is really a hotbed of infection. It is no accident that banks, when recalculating cash, are very careful about the health of employees.

Unfortunately, electronic financial service systems (ATMs and other devices) are almost not equipped with built-in antimicrobial protection. In any case, it is difficult to find information about such protection. Although I admit that such protection works in the banks themselves. Make it a rule to wash your palms with soap after each contact of your hands with cash (paper or metal). Especially when you are going to eat. If you are given dilapidated money in a store or somewhere else for change, demand their replacement with newer ones in appearance. Do not carry money “shaft” in your pocket. For them, you need to have a wallet or purse. Do not give paper money to children “in the piggy bank”. As a rule, children look at them for a long time, forgetting to wash their hands afterwards. It is better to give a few metal coins, but first wash them thoroughly with soap.