How to choose a wallet for the bitcoin cryptocurrency

To carry out any operation with cryptocurrency, whether it is outgoing payments or incoming, it is necessary to have a bitcoin wallet.

It is a program that stores a secret key for access to a bitcoin address, that is, to your virtual funds. In order to avoid problems associated with loss of access, it is very important not only to ensure reliable protection of the bitcoin wallet, but also to create a backup copy of the data that is available on it. But first of all it is necessary to decide on the optimal and comfortable form of a wallet for cryptocurrency.

Varieties of Bitcoin wallets

Desktop. One of the most reliable ways to store virtual coins from hacking and hacker attacks. But such wallets are quite bulky, and in case of damage to the hard disk, the file with the keys will be lost, since it is stored locally.

Mobile. It is installed as an application on a smartphone, which is very convenient if you are out of the house and urgently need to make a transaction. In addition, it supports payment by contactless NFC technology or QR code scanning. In order to use a mobile bitcoin wallet, you only need the Internet.

Online. If you work with untrusted services and do not want to “shine” your main electronic wallet, this option may be the optimal solution to the problem. Wherever you are and from whatever device you enter, the online wallet will always be available. But his secret key is stored on the Network, which increases the likelihood of hacking. Therefore, it is suitable only for short-term storage of virtual funds.

Hardware. A fairly new type of bitcoin wallet, but already rapidly gaining popularity. It is a separate device similar in appearance to a USB flash drive. The secret key in it is stored digitally on a special chip, it is equipped with a USB connector for connecting to a computer.